Data Science with Python


Prashant Kumar


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Module 1:

Python Basics We will walk through with different data types in python and we’ll see how to create our own variables.

Module 2:

Python Special Methods We’ll specifically learn Lists, Tuples, Dictionaries, List comprehensions, Dictionary comprehensions.

Module 3:

Functions and Packages We’ll learn how to use functions to serialize our data and various modules that will make our work easier.

Module 4:

Numpy and Pandas We’ll learn how to use Numpy as it is a package to efficiently store and do calculations with a huge amount of data but as a matter of fact, the Numpy is a quite old one, So we’ll learn Pandas here to serialize our Data Frames

Module 5:

Matplotlib Create different types of visualizations depending on the message you want to convey. Learn how to build complex and customized plots based on real data. Basically it is used to represent data on Graph. Ex- histogram.

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